Here in Dubai we offer a full range of marking, and engraving solutions for wood that allow for excellent engraving.


Furthermore, with the TTL and Reflex vision systems, completely developed by LASIT,

one can easily identify the parts and carry out laser cutting and engraving with extreme accuracy and precision.

The advantages of wood laser marking, cutting and engraving are various

  • Laser marking process is much more flexible and versatile than hot stamping using a die

  • No chips, therefore no cleaning of the machine surrounding necessary

  • Extreme precision of the laser cut of profiles

  • Laser cutting of extremely fine contours and practically radius-free inner contours

  • Contactless cutting, therefore no stressing or damaging of the material

  • No clamping necessary of the part to be marked, cut or engraved

  • Laser cutting and laser engraving of different material thicknesses and combinations in one process step

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